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representative payee

Working together for a stronger financial future.  

What is the goal?

To provide financial management assistance to those experiencing financial barriers. Payee services help participants increase money management skills, build and maintain credit, and achieve financial stability. We provide services to people with disabilities, senior citizens, Social Security or Veterans Administration benefit recipients, and other individuals at risk for homelessness.


how does it work?

When a person selects MAP as their Representative Payee, we schedule a budget meeting. During this meeting the participant brings in copies of all essential bills and creates a preliminary budget. As the budget changes each month, we work together to address those changes to ensure that basic necessities are covered in a timely fashion.


99% of MAP’s payee  program participants remain stably housed.

Image by Amy Hirschi

We are always accepting applications. 

Print the application below to start today.

School Application
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