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About MAP

Michigan Ability Partners works with Veterans and people who have disabilities in support of their self-directed transformation to self-sufficiency.


Annually, with approximately 30 staff, MAP serves over 1,200 people through Permanent Supported Housing, Supportive Services including case management, Rapid Re-Housing, Employment Training, Job Placement Services and Representative Payee services.


MAP owns and operates 44 units of affordable housing at seven sites in Washtenaw County, and currently serves Washtenaw, Jackson, Wayne and Monroe counties. 


Our core values direct our plans and actions, the most important of which is that we should treat other people as we would like to be treated if we were in their position.​ Therefore, MAP believes:

  • Our participants each have their own unique goals, strengths and needs. Our role is to support and guide each participant along their path towards increased independence.


  • Our work must serve our community. Although we primarily serve our program participants, we know that to be successful means to share resources, exchange knowledge of what works, align our goals with community goals and work together.


  • Our employees and volunteers are our most important asset. The connections built between our participants and staff are essential to the work we do. Therefore, we must support them, train them and guide them, and provide them with a work environment and compensation that makes their effort rewarding and sustainable.


  • We must always be faithful stewards of the resources we receive from grants, donations, and fees for service.


We are recognized as a leading provider of housing and support services that Veterans and people with disabilities need in order to live fulfilling lives. We work collaboratively with other organizations to improve the quality and efficiency of our services, and to make sure they best reflect the needs of our community.​


We provide consistently outstanding service to our program participants. We continuously identify new ways to help Veterans and people with disabilities improve their lives. We not only build the organization’s resources to fulfill our mission, but do so while increasing our presence in the communities we serve.

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