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Maintenance Requests For MAP Properties

If this is an emergency, please contact MAP HDC, LLC immediately at (734) 777-1030.
Emergencies are water leaks, gas leaks, loss of heat, loss of electricity,  flood, or fire.

The following items are of an emergency nature:

  1. No electrical power to entire unit

  2. Water system leaks that if left until the next working day will cause structural damage.

  3. Catastrophic emergency (e.g., fire, explosion) .

  4. Sewer back-up.

  5. Furnace not working in temperatures below 60 degrees.

  6. Natural gas leaks (you can detect gas odor) -

  7. Broken window which is a safety or security problem.

  8. Frozen pipes

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Please contact Art Stauch with any questions or concerns.

734-975-6880 ext: 206

C: 734-646-1021